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//Teff Bale

Teff Bale


Teff Hay – 350 kg Bale

A high quality grass bale used as a supplementary food for the rhinos especially during dry seasons.



Teff Hay – 350 kg Bale

Teff Hay is the new low carbohydrate hay . Teff is considered a premium hay for a wide range of livestock. The “soft forage” is very palatable and readily consumed as dry hay, silage or pasture.

Teff is a premium hay alternative. Its quality comparison to timothy hay has made it a popular choice. 
Protein content of Teff hay ranges from 12 to 17% depending on the growth stage or maturity.

Teff hay is high in calcium as well as phosphorus, iron, copper, aluminium, barium, and thiamine. Potassium levels have been reported in some hays in the 2.5 to 3.0% range. Nitrate and nitrite content is low under normal fertility conditions.


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