• Each tree costs $10 With your help, our goal is to plant 2000 Macadamia Trees. We need 2000 donations of $10 (ZAR150.00) to help us complete phase 1 of the Lomshiyo Community Project. Each tree costs $10 (ZAR150.00).
  • AAA Batteries are used for headlamps/torches/flashlights when feeding baby rhinos by staff and by guards during their night patrols to keep the rhinos safe.
  • Bayticol Dip and Spray – 1 ltr Controls ticks.
  • Bio-Sponge

    Bio-Sponge – 10kg Bucket Bio-Sponge is a health supplement designed to help support healthy gastrointestinal function.
  • Included is a standard waterproof jacket, ankle-high gumboots, and two pairs of warm ankle-high socks. These items are an essential for Rhino Care Takers when working in wet and cold conditions during the cold winter months.
  • First response, Critical Care Pack consisting mainly of veterinary disinfectant, bandages, blood glucose meter, intravenous fluids, thermometer, and a warm blanket. All critical care items needed for orphan rhino dealing with initial traumatic shock.
  • Denkavit Milk Powder – 15 kg Bag Denkavit milk powder replacers are distinguished by excellent usage characteristics, optimum growth results, a high degree of safety, and good weaning ability. Only the very best raw materials are used for the production of these milk replacers to ensure that there is a positive impact on the health of  the calves. During the development process, we pay close attention to the flavour of the milk replacers to also ensure a good feed intake by your calves.
  • Diomec Plus Equine Paste – 60 ml tube For the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea in horses.
  • Dog Blankets – 125 x 180cm These blankets are needed to keep the Anti-Poaching K9 Unit dogs warm during the cold winter nights after a day of patrols and ensuring the rhinos safety.
  • Easimat

    High grade EVA mat used for orphaned rhinos to sleep on in their night rooms. Easimats have greater thermal insulation, greater comfort and lighter in weight than most other mats. This durable foam mat is ideal for our heavy, growing rhinos.
  • Epol Horse Pellets – 40 kg Bag This is a proven, well-formulated and widely used, ‘all-rounder’ ration suitable for all horses and ponies in light/medium to moderate work, horses at box rest that need to gain/maintain body condition, as well as good doers in medium work and older horses with poor dentition.
  • Eukanuba’s highest levels of protein (30%) to promote lean muscles and fat (20%) to promote sustained energy for peak performance for adult dog.